Yamaha sx700 available box pack one year warranty

Yamaha sx700 Color touch screen for quick access and adjustment of features and settings

Joystick Controller delivers a wide variety of pitch and modulation combinations found in world music styles

Assignable real-time control knobs allow you to filter and adjust your sound like an analog synth

16-track song recorder/player lets you create full arrangements or play back songs

Accompaniment Styles add a “backing band” to your performances

Advanced Wave Memory StereoSampling recreates natural instrument sound in stereo

Voice & Style Expansion Packs enable you to customize your PSR-S series Arranger Workstation

MP3 Lyric Display allows you to read the lyrics MP3 songs that have lyric data attached,

XG compatibility lets you play and interact with thousands of songs from Yamaha MusicSoft library



  • Super Articulation Voices: The SX700 includes a variety of high-quality voices, including Super Articulation voices that add realistic musical expression to your playing.
  • Live Control Knobs and Assignable Buttons: These controls offer real-time manipulation of various aspects of the sound, giving you greater creative flexibility during performance.
  • Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling: This technology provides authentic sound reproduction, making the instrument sound as natural as possible.
  • DSP Effects: The keyboard comes with a wide range of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects, allowing you to add depth and character to your sound.
  • Registration Memory: This feature allows you to save and recall different settings quickly, making it easy to switch between sounds and settings during live performances.
  • Bluetooth Audio: The SX700 supports Bluetooth audio, enabling you to stream music from your devices directly to the keyboard's speakers.


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