Guaranteed Success

At New Day Ad we believe in transparency, as all our every user has equal opportunity to post free advertisements (see our packages below) but often success require something extra, something out of the box, sometimes wise moves to make in order to take advantage over competition in order to book success from the very beginning.

That is why we have designed our ad boosting packages on minimal price and in return we give you a lot of extra for value of money a guaranteed success.

For any further clarification you can always contact our service agent.

Our Packages


Rs.0.00 / Per month
  • 3 Regular Ads
  • Store Setup No
  • No Feature Ads
  • No Top Ads
  • No Bump Up Ads
  • Limited Support


Rs.2499 / Per month
  • 15 Regular Ads
  • Store Setup Yes
  • 5 Feature Ad
  • 1 Top Ad
  • 1 Bump Up Ads
  • Basic Support


Rs.5999 / Per month
  • 35 Regular Ads
  • Store Setup Yes
  • 12 Feature Ads
  • 3 Top Ads
  • 3 Bump Up Ads
  • Basic Support


Rs.9999 / Per month
  • 60 Regular Ads
  • Store Setup Yes
  • 25 Feature Ads
  • 10 Top Ad
  • 10 Bump Up Ads
  • Priority Support