Catherine Herbal Slimming Tea in Pakistan | 03055997199
Catherine Herbal Slimming Tea in Pakistan | 03055997199
Catherine Herbal Slimming Tea in Pakistan | 03055997199
Catherine Herbal Slimming Tea in Pakistan | 03055997199
Catherine Herbal Slimming Tea in Pakistan | 03055997199
Catherine Herbal Slimming Tea in Pakistan | 03055997199

Important Work Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan – Effects of Catherine Slimming Tea – Buy Now in Pakistan 

Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan is very good and popular  as a diet or slimming drink in Thai supermarkets and is mainly used by Thai Muay Thai kick boxers to lose weight and slim down using for. Thai women  are trying to do the same. It is said to contain natural herbal ingredients that help you lose weight. Eating regularly is also known to support good health and a healthy immune system. But in reality, is nothing but a weed. To make Pakistani Catherine tea, place one bag in a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Drink after meals or before bed. All active ingredients in 1 bag Senna pod 500 mg Senna leaf 1500 mg Garcinia atroviridis 100 gr Flos Chrysanthemi 900 mg.

Contains 16 sachets of 100% natural slimminghealth and beauty products from Thailand (imported from Thailand, Fitness is a famous brand) from Thailand’s leading store.

Introducing Catherine Herbal Slimming Weight Loss Tea, a natural and efficient method to assist your weight loss efforts. Each box contains 32 tea bags of this tea blend infused with herbal ingredients known for their slimming propertiesCatherine tea provides a refreshing and calming flavor while promoting metabolism and digestion. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, this tea is an ideal addition to your daily routine for a healthier lifestyle.


Main actions of Catherine’s slimming tea in Pakistan 

CATHERINE’S SLIMMING IN PAKISTAN Losing weight is not always easy. You may have tried many diets over the years without much success. It is possible to lose weight, but it is also very important not to lose weight afterwards. If you have difficulty dieting or want to lose weight quicklyherbal teas can help. Losing weight is only the first step and  can  help you with this step really easily and quickly. The active ingredients in this tea have long been shown to help you lose

pounds faster, so if you want to lose weight fast, this tea is  for you. Laxative Effect – Used by many people to control weight without eating. All instructions for use are included in the packaging. Content: Senna pods 500 mg, Senna leaves 1,500 mg, Garcinia 100 mg, Flos Chrysanthemi 900 mg. 1 PACKAGE CONTAINS 16 BAGS.


Benefits of Catherine Slimming Tea – Benefits of Catherine Slimming Tea  

1. Treatment of thighs and buttocks and fatigue, weight loss and burning.

3. It prevents constipation thanks to regular bowel movements.

4. It helps you burn fat.

5. As a plant, you avoid side effects or unwanted pregnancies.

6. Balanced weight loss programs are highly recommended.

7. Prevents fat accumulation.

8. There are no practical or encouraging consequences.

9. Prevents mineral loss in the body during a  weight loss program.

10. Weight loss


Important item: 

A new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in its original  packaging

This item comes from one of our branches in Thailand 

You are looking for health and beauty products from Thailand 

We keep the best price and best quality for you

fast shipping from thailand

How do you deal with this? 

Pour one sachet of Catherine Slimming Tea from Pakistan into a glass of hot water.

The Let it sit for 10-20 minutes.

Remove the tea bag after stopping.

Wake up well.

And now you’re ready to drink.


Does this really work? Your drink 

Herbal Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan, although your body continues to absorb all the calories you consume, it loses many nutrients, including water and electrolytes. If you lose weight by drinking Catherine Slimming Tea in Pakistan, you will lose  water weight, not fat. Green tea leaves naturally contain  small amounts of caffeine. Summary: Most slimming teas contain toxins and diuretics. It may cause  loss of water weight, but not loss of body fat. … Instead, they use

substances that are said to have fat-burning, appetite-stimulating and metabolism-accelerating properties.

Is it safe to drink Catherine Slimming Tea every day in Pakistan? 

Used to  treat nausea, diarrhea and indigestion. Hot or strong tea may have  mild enough side effects to help prevent constipation, but you can consume it daily without long-term health effects. Adding honey or molasses to your tea can increase the taste. 97

 Production location: Thailand 

Color: 100% natural As shown

Quantity: 1 PACK OF 16 BAGS

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