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—————————Hafiz Kids Furniture Manufacturer—————————— A Plus Quality You Can Get 10%off Sale Limited Offer So Grab It Now ——–We Deal all Kinds of Wooden kids Furniture like kids  Bed Set (Bed, Double and Single Bed) Side Tables, Bed Dressing, kids almair and Other Home Items. *Solid & beautiful Bedroom set Available in Reasonable price. ——————- >;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;”Whatsapp : 030/89/09/56/53 |Made with lamination imported sheet A+ Material used 5 to 7 years warranty 1 Portion can bear weight of 150kgs Many colors and designs Available CHANGES ARE APPLICABLE ON CUSTOMER DEMAND| *Graceful and decent design. Best Quality and Finishing *Solid wood structure and 1st quality material used *No compromise in quality of product & polish. >;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;Whatsapp : 030/89/09/56/53 :”We deal in all kind of kids furniture 1 Side is sliding that can be attached with the bed. 2 drawers are provided with proper railings to place baby clothes, pampers or anything . Wheels are provided to make it easy to move if required. Single Bed With Stduy Unit >;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;>;;;;”Whatsapp : 034/20/40/44/22 “| Bunk Bed | | Single Beds| |Themed Beds | |Car Beds | |Bunker Beds | |Study Table | |Trundle Beds |shoe rack |” Customize Able Size Book Online or Visit Us: “Hafiz kids Collection” |Kids Furniture Manufacturers A+ Quality Location : “Salamat pura shama park lahore” 034/20/40/44/22 030/89/09/56/53 For More Designs And Delievery Charges Information Contact On My Whatsapp “all over pakistan delievery”



  • Safety: Designed with smooth edges and non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of children.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality wood or sturdy materials to withstand active use by kids.
  • Thematic Designs: Available in various fun themes such as car shapes, princess castles, or superhero motifs to excite children's imaginations.
  • Comfort: Equipped with supportive and comfortable mattresses suitable for a child's sleeping needs.
  • Storage Options: Many designs incorporate additional storage solutions, like drawers or shelves, to help keep the room tidy.


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