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  • 1. Clear Instructions
  • Objective: Define the purpose and goals of the assignment.
  • Guidelines: Provide detailed steps and expectations.
  • Format: Specify the format (e.g., essay, letter, report).
  • 2. Structured Layout
  • Title: Include a title or heading.
  • Sections: Divide the assignment into sections (introduction, body, conclusion).
  • Margins and Spacing: Indicate margin sizes and line spacing.
  • 3. Content Requirements
  • Word Count: Specify a minimum and maximum word count.
  • Topics: List specific topics or questions to address.
  • Research: Require references or citations for information.
  • 4. Handwriting Guidelines
  • Legibility: Emphasize the importance of clear and readable handwriting.
  • Neatness: Encourage neatness and cleanliness (no erasures or cross-outs).
  • Style: Specify if a particular handwriting style is required (e.g., cursive, print).
  • 5. Materials
  • Paper: Indicate the type of paper to be used (e.g., lined, plain).
  • Writing Instruments: Specify acceptable writing tools (e.g., pen, pencil, colored markers).
  • 6. Time Management
  • Deadlines: Provide clear submission deadlines.
  • Milestones: Suggest intermediate deadlines for drafts or sections.
  • 7. Assessment Criteria
  • Rubric: Provide a grading rubric with clear criteria.
  • Feedback: Offer guidelines on how feedback will be provided.
  • Revisions: Allow for a revision process based on feedback.
  • 8. Creativity and Personal Touch
  • Illustrations: Allow or encourage drawings or diagrams where relevant.
  • Personal Voice: Encourage the use of the student's own voice and perspective.
  • Unique Ideas: Reward originality and creative thinking.
  • 9. Support and Resources
  • Examples: Provide examples of good handwriting and well-done assignments.
  • References: Suggest books, articles, or websites for additional help.
  • Assistance: Offer availability for questions or additional support.
  • 10. Presentation
  • Binding: Specify how the final work should be presented (e.g., stapled, in a folder).
  • Cover Page: Include instructions for a cover page with the student's name, date, and title of the assignment.


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