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peigons for sale Time pass Malaysia plz ad se during rahain


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  • Condition: New


  • Physical Features
  • Size and Weight:
  • Pigeons come in various sizes, from small breeds like the Figurita to larger ones like the Giant Runt. Typically, they weigh between 200 to 600 grams.
  • Feathering:
  • Feather quality can vary significantly. Some pigeons have smooth, sleek feathers, while others might have fancy feather patterns or crests (e.g., Jacobins).
  • Colors and patterns can range widely, including solid, pied, and iridescent feathers.
  • Beak and Eyes:
  • The beak shape and size can differ. Some breeds have short beaks (e.g., Barb pigeons), while others have long, slender beaks.
  • Eye color can also vary, often being red, orange, or even black.
  • Behavioral Features
  • Temperament:
  • Pigeons generally have calm and docile temperaments, making them suitable as pets.
  • Racing pigeons are known for their homing ability and endurance.
  • Training and Intelligence:
  • Pigeons are highly trainable and intelligent, especially homing and racing pigeons.
  • Health Features
  • Vaccination:
  • Ensure pigeons are vaccinated against common diseases such as paramyxovirus and pigeon pox.
  • General Health:
  • Healthy pigeons should have clear eyes, smooth feathers, and active behavior.
  • Breed-Specific Features
  • Racing Pigeons:
  • Known for their speed and endurance. Often have sleek bodies and strong wings.
  • Show Pigeons:
  • Bred for their appearance. They may have unique features like crests, frills, or fancy feather patterns.
  • Fancy Pigeons:
  • These include breeds like the Fantail, with its distinctive tail feathers, or the Modena, known for its striking posture.
  • Purchase Considerations
  • Age:
  • Young pigeons (squabs) might be more adaptable to training, while older pigeons may already have established behaviors.
  • Origin and Breeding:
  • Check the breeding history to ensure they come from a reputable breeder and are free from genetic disorders.
  • Purpose:
  • Clearly identify whether you want pigeons for racing, showing, or as pets, as this will influence the type you should buy.


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