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Mitsubishi AC

Mitsubishi air conditioners are revolutionizing household comfort in the modern world. They are available in elegant styles that suit every design. With decreased energy use and lower monthly costs, these air conditioners give your home the ideal temperature. Mitsubishi air conditioners allow you to adjust the temperature in every room separately. From anywhere, you may use your phone to change the settings.

Elegant Design: Mitsubishi air conditioning systems are made to fit in with modern design, featuring optimised, stylish looks that elevate any space.

Precision Cooling:
With the precision temperature control provided by these air conditioning systems, you may programme distinct temperatures for every room or area in your house.
Energy Efficiency: Mitsubishi air conditioning systems make use of the latest innovations, such as eco-friendly refrigerants and inverter technology, that reduce electricity  usage.
Adjustable Settings: You can easily change the temperature settings of your house With your Mobile Phone from anywhere at any time.

Quiet Operation: The Mitsubishi air conditioning systems guarantees that you may enjoy cool comfort free from annoying noise.

Improvement in Air Quality: To provide a healthier atmosphere because Mitsubishi AC models are developed with innovative filtration systems that filter dust, allergens, and other pollutants from the air.
Zone Control: It let you choose the perfect temperature for any room or area in your house, so you can adjust the comfort level to suit your needs.

Mitsubishi AC Prices

Mitsubishi AC Model Price
Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton Split AC (SRK20) Rs 45,999
Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton Split AC (MS18VC) Rs 84,999
Mitsubishi 2.0 Ton AC (F24VC) Rs84,999

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Mitsubishi AC Specification

Capacity (kW) 1 Ton
Power Source Indoor Power supply
Capacity (kW) 1.3 – 3.0
Tonnage (Tr) 0.75
Total Input (kW) 0.330-1.020
SEER 5.1
Scop 3.8
Energy Efficiency Class A
Capacity (kW) 0.9 – 3.5
Tonnage 0.75
Guaranteed Operating Range: Cooling: +15 ~ +46
Heating: -10 ~ +24
Additional Features: – Wall-mounted split air conditioner
– Tropical compressor (works up to 53 degrees)
– Copper condenser
– Auto-restart
– LCD for temprature display
– Compressor type: rotary
– Made in Thailand