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Best walkie talkie 2024

In a world where communication is essential, walkie talkies have become reliable companions for a range of activities, including business and outdoor excursions. We’ll examine the various walkie talkie markets in Pakistan in this guide, covering key terms like walkie talkie cost, major brands like Motorola, and particular models like Kenwood and 3km range devices. Explore the world of walkie talkies and learn how these gadgets are changing communication in Pakistan.

Walkie Talkie: A Trusted Companion

The well-known brand Motorola has established itself in the walkie-talkie sector. In Pakistan, Motorola walkie talkies are a popular option for both business and leisure customers due to their reputation for dependability and a long lifespan.

Walkie Talkie Price in Pakistan

Even though Motorola walkie talkies are known for their high quality, it’s important to look at details of the price. We’ll go into detail about the particular expenses related to Motorola walkie talkies in Pakistan so that customers may make appropriate decisions depending on their spending limits and communication requirements.


WAlkie Talkie Prices in Pakistan

Walkie Talkie ModelPrice
A-58 Walkie Talkie RS 17,000
BF-888S Two Way Radio (Pair) Walkie Talkie Rs.19500
Crony Cy-810 Professional Walkie Talkies Black Rs16500
Frequency Range420.000-470.000MHz
Rated Voltage DC 3.6V (Rechargeable Li-ion battery)
Memory Channel 16 channels
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Working Manner frequency single or different frequency single operation
Dimension 127mm x 60mm 33mm
Output Power ≤5W
Modulation Mode (widelnarrow bandwidth) 16K0 F3E, 11K0 F3E
Maximum Frequency Deviation <5K/<2.5KHz
Sensitivity 122dBm (12dB SINAD)
Modulation Receiver Bandwidth 5KHz
Audio Power 1W
Audio Distortion <10%
Blocking ≥85dB

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