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Waves Deep Freezer

In a world where freshness and innovation collide, the Waves Deep Refrigerator emerges as the epitome of cooling excellence. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this appliance isn’t just a refrigerator; it’s a game-changer in the kitchen landscape.

Imagine you open the door, and there is a freshness of infinity, where your food is cooled in such a manner that it remains at its optimal temperature thus maintaining flavor for a long. The above can only be attained by “The Waves Deep Refrigerator” as it ensures a constant ideal environment is kept for different items through an advanced cooling system.

Wave Pakistan has become a pioneer in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration by distributing and selling Waves as an authorized dealer. Purchase incredible WAVES 315 tripletted WDF Teal-315 (15 CFT) with the lowest prices in Pakistan at a liability. 

Come to see and buy directly from our Waves 315 triplet deep freezer display store in Karachi to avail of exclusive discounts. 

Our wavers come in various sizes, 9/11/13/15 CFT available in one, two, and three-door models to provide a taste of the traditional freezers. Many people also like refrigerators and this will increase the sales of deep freezers in Pakistan. The majority of the Machine-sold products are the Xiaomi WF-309 WF-310, WF-313, and WF-315 with the capacities of 9 CFT 11 CFT, 13 CFT, and 15 CFT respectively.

Compressors and parts of wave appliances have a 3-year warranty and a 1-year warranty for parts.

Deep Cooling Technology:

The Waves Deep Refrigerator exploits advanced cooling technology to guarantee a sufficient level of food freshness for a longer term. Adjustable


With geniuses, provide your fridge for the accommodation of different-sized items by using the adjustable shelves feature

 Storage Space:

The storage capacity of the Waves Deep Refrigerator is very huge, and it comes with sections like door bins, shelves, and drawers that ensure maximum organization of the groceries.

Sleek Design:

Adding function and being as good as the others in design, this refrigerator will give you the attractive, state-of-the-art look that your modern kitchen deserves.

Durable Construction:

Featuring high standards materials, and deep refrigerator is designed and built to endure hardworking tasks, guaranteeing a long-term performance.

Energy Efficiency:

One of the most energy-saving refrigerators, it can bring not only budget-saving to you but also the minimum negative impact on the environment.

Temperature Control:

When maintaining storage of a variety of food types, keep accurate temperature settings for optimal temperatures. This will help keep foods fresh and retain their flavors for the longest.

Quiet Operation:

Set your mind at ease as the Waves Deep fridge performs its function with low sound levels, while you still benefit from the promising cooling characteristics.

Easy-to-Use Controls:

The electric stove has been designed with an easy-to-operate control panel. This enables you to change the settings and check the interior of the refrigerator which offers the convenience of dialing the temperature.

Safety Features:

Automatic locks to serve as a child safety feature is one of the built-in safety features that provide peace of mind to parents in households with young children.

Waves Deep Freezer Prices

Model Price
WAVES SINGLE DOOR DF-300P WHITE (11 CFT) Rs. 84,825.00

Waves Deep Freezer Specification

Brand Waves
Model ?
Series Regular Series
Fast Cooling Yes
Embo Sheet Rust-free Embo Sheet
CoilingCopper Coiling
Hinges Strong Hinges
Thick InsulationYes
Eutectic Backup SystemYes
Capacity18 CFT
CFC FreeYes

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