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Electric treadmill for home

Electric treadmills have developed into thin, feature-rich devices that meet a variety of exercise requirements. Because the days when doing exercises at home meant having few alternatives and getting mediocre results are long gone. With features like customized training plans and interactive touchscreen displays, these treadmills provide an immersive workout that matches traditional gym experiences.

Important Features of Electric Tradmills that Everyone Need to Know


The Portable Folding Treadmill has a silent motor that produces speeds at a noise level of under, and it can hold a maximum weight of 150kg. Additionally, there are foldable treadmills that come with a cup holder, tablet/phone holder, emergency stop, and programs. They also feature three countdown modes and an LED display that makes it easy to track time, speed, distance, and calories. These features make exercising clear for achieving different training goals.


Electric and Motorized treadmill is easy to fold, move, and store with the help of its rolling wheels and knob. Because of the anti-slip belt shock absorption qualities, the running belt of the portable treadmills for home is composed of non-slip textured material, protecting the knees, joints, muscles, lower back, hips, and ankles.

Comfort Even:

Running belts on Electric and Motorized treadmills for home exercise offer lots of room for a workout and a more comfortable run.

Treadmill Electric Consumption: 

Treadmill Electric Consume 60 Hz/120 volts. You and your family can enjoy a more comfortable workout with this silent motor’s smooth operation performance. creates a peaceful space for movement.


This walking pad treadmill only needs 10 minutes to construct. One box has all the tools, parts, and instructions neatly packed. Add lubricating oil as well. Most of this treadmill is assembled, so you can start working out at home or work while listening to music or watching films.


Many companies offers fantastic customer service. Please don’t hesitate to contact them. All they will respond with a workable solution in a day or less.

Electric Running Machine Price in Pakistan

Electric Treadmill Machine Price
Treadmill Apollo Air02i Rs. 130,000.00
Treadmill Apollo Air04i Rs. 175,000.00
Treadmill Blue Ocean-BO-044 Rs. 180,000.00
Motorized Treadmill Rs. 289,900

Motorized Tradmill Specification

Speed Speed Range: 1-18/Kmh
Weight Tolerance: 125Kgs / 280Lbs (Max)
Power Power Incline: 0 To 15 Degree Up & Down
Machine Weight: Net Weight 68.5 Gross Weight 78.5.
Motor Capacity: 2.0 Hp Continuous Output DC
Features Aux Cable and Speakers for sound.
12 Workout Program as per your choice, need, & level of your stamina.
Heart Rate
Thumb Pulse
6-PC Honeycomb Cushion inside
2 External Cushions
Cushioned Deck
Space Saving Technology

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