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Electric Hand Beaters for Effortless Mixing

Electric hand beaters are fantastic tools for any kitchen. They make mixing ingredients easy and efficient. Whether you go for a brand-new one or a gently used one, you’ll make delicious dishes in no time.

Electric hand beaters are simple to use. You just press a button, and they mix your ingredients. They have different speeds to help you get the mixing just right.

These beaters can do lots of things. You can make fluffy whipped cream for dessert. Or you can mix up sauces and dressings. They’re great for beating eggs and making batter, too. 

Electric hand beaters are small and light. This means that they don’t occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. And when you’re through, they’re simple to store. These are ideal for any sort of kitchen.

Electric Hand Beater Prices in Pakistan

Electric BeaterPrice
Black & Decker Stand Mixer (Model: M700) Rs7,560
Philips Daily Collection Hand Mixer (Model: HR3705/10) Rs5,115
Kenwood Hand Mixer (Model: HM620) Rs 6,324
Braun MultiMix 3 Hand Mixer (Model: HM-3135WH) Rs.12,699

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