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Solar System Installation

Using renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, has become essential in today’s society. You can use solar energy to power your house or place of business by installing a solar system. Our goal at NewDayAd is to assist you in selecting the ideal solar solution. Let’s look into solar energy and its potential advantages.

Solar panels are set up during solar system installations in order to collect sunlight and transform it into electrical energy that can be used. Small domestic setups to enormous commercial arrays are among the many sizes and levels of sophistication of these systems. At NewDayAd, our expertise is creating and executing personalized solar plans that optimize effectiveness and cost savings for our clients.

It’s critical to comprehend the financial implications when considering solar system installation. There are several factors that can affect the price of solar panels

  • Quality and efficiency of the panels
  • Size and capacity of the system
  • Installation complexity and labor costs
  • Government incentives and rebates
  • Geographic location and sunlight availability

Sollar System Installation Prices in Pakistan

An additional expense that you will need to factor into the total cost of solar power systems is professional installation. The project's complexity, location, and labor expenses all affect installation prices. The average installation price in Pakistan is between PKR 10,000 and PKR 20,000 per kW.

Solar System Installation Price
3kW Solar System Around PKR 700,000
5kW Solar System Around PKR 9,000,000
6kW Solar System Approximately PKR 9,500,000
7kW Solar System Range of PKR 1,000,000 to 1,200,000.
10kW Solar System Approximately PKR 1,450,000
15kW Solar System Range of PKR 2.35 to 2.45 million
20kW Solar System Around PKR 3 million to 3.2 million

At NewDayAd, we want to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether you are looking for a home or a Business purpose, we have the information and resources to help you achieve your objectives. You and our staff are going to collaborate to develop a special solar system installation plan that maximizes economy, efficiency, and sustainability.

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