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Classified ads are online advertisements. These ads allow businesses and individuals to promote their products and services on a larger scale. Classified ads can be an effective way to generate traffic to your website. They can be helpful to reach potential customers who are searching for your offerings. However, posting classified ads in Pakistan can be challenging. There are many websites and platforms which offer this service. How can you choose the best-classified ad sites for your business? How can you optimize your ads to attract more clicks and conversions? Here is the detail and some tips and tricks to Drive traffic from classified ads in Pakistan.

What Exactly Classified Ads do in Getting Traffic from Classified ads in Pakistan?

Using classified ads in Pakistan can significantly boost traffic to your website. When you have more people visiting your site, it builds trust in your business. Classified ads are a great way to convey a message briefly and include your website link.

On the internet, classifieds allow you to add a link back to your website. It makes it more effective. This means that everyone who reads your ad can potentially become a visitor to your site. For example, if your website sells artificial jewelry, people interested in American, Italian, or Indian jewelry might also want to see what you offer.

Here’s a trick to capitalize on: invite others to post free ads for different types of jewelry on your website. This makes your site more interesting and attracts potential buyers. By creating a platform for tycoons to place free ads and promote their businesses, your website becomes valuable for both buyers and sellers.

You have the traffic now, but how do these ads enhance it? It’s all about the interest you generate. When people who post ads on your site come back to check their ad’s performance, it creates opportunities for your website to be noticed by search engines. This is how good classified ads can effectively increase traffic to your website.

Top benefits of using classified ads to gain traffic to your website

Are you wondering why placing classified ads in 2024 and beyond will still be a good way to drive visitors to your websites? Here are a few major benefits of using classified ads online.

Saves you time and money

Unlike offline ads where you’ve to pay money for every line to promote your app, business or company, online classified ads save you a ton of time. It means that you don’t have to go to nearby classified ad agents or companies to post your ads.

Cheapest way to promote

If you are operating a shoestring and you don’t have much budget to spend online to promote your website. Then post a classified ad once and give it a try. It’s the most affordable—indeed, cost-free—method of website promotion to increase traffic.

You attract a specific set of target audience

When people are using sites like OLX, Adpost, or Craigslist, they will be specifically searching for what they want in particular categories. That means if someone wants to buy an electronic gadget like an iPad. They will be specifically looking for ads posted in the Technology or Electronics section.

Gives you a huge platform

Every month, millions of people use websites such as Newdayad, which allow you to submit ads for free. It implies that you will have a greater online presence and exposure for your postings, including advertisements, businesses, products, apps, and so forth if you publish your adverts on these platforms.

Extremely easy to use

You can use ad posting sites to list items, services, or properties for sale to generate multiple leads from online platforms such as OLX, eBay, and so on. The ease of use of online ad posting is its best feature. Setting up your account will be simple, even for a novice.

Are classified ads worth getting traffic or money?

Classified ads can be a useful way to generate traffic and money for your website. It depends on your niche, audience, and goals. Classified ads can help you reach a targeted audience who are looking for your products or services in your local area. They can also improve your website’s SEO by creating backlinks and generating traffic. Moreover, they can save you time and money as most of the classified ads are free or low-cos

How to start a classified website like Newdayad?

To start a classified website like Newdayad and Drive traffic from classified ads in Pakistan, you need to:

  • Pick a domain name and register it.
  • Choose a platform for your website, such as WordPress or directory.
  • Customize your website’s design and functionality.
  • Create your website’s main pages and content.
  • Set up your website’s menus, categories, and links.
  • Add the classified ads to your website.
  • Make money from your website using various methods.
  • Maintain and promote your website using various strategies.

How can I get more website traffic from classified ads?

If you are thinking about using classified ads to boost your website traffic, here are some easy tips to get traffic from classified ads in Pakistan:

Pick the Right Platforms:

Choose popular websites like Newdayad, OLX, and Adpost. Focus on platforms relevant to your industry and location.

Craft Catchy Headlines:

Grab attention with a headline that stands out. Use keywords that match your product, highlight benefits, and include a clear call to action.

Add Images and Videos:

Make your ad more appealing with high-quality images and videos. Showcase your product or service to capture viewers’ attention.

Provide Accurate Info:

Share details like price, location, specifications, and contact info. Avoid false information to maintain your credibility.

Post Regularly and Multiple Ads:

Increase exposure by posting on various platforms. Keep ads fresh, update them regularly, and monitor performance for adjustments.

By following these tips, you can smartly use classified ads to attract more visitors to your website.

Is posting free classified ads good or bad?

Posting free classified ads is advantageous for your business. It depends on your goals, budget, and target audience. Here are some of the pros of driving traffic from classified ads in Pakistan.


  • Classified ads are usually cheaper than other forms of advertising, and some platforms even offer free posting.
  • Classified ads can help you reach a wider and more specific audience, as you can choose the platforms, locations, and categories that suit your niche.
  • Classified ads can improve your website’s SEO by creating backlinks and increasing your online visibility.
  • Classified ads are easy to use and update, as they do not require much design or technical skills, and you can edit or delete them anytime.

Final Thoughts

If you want to boost your website traffic and sales, classified ads are a great option for you. Classified ads can help you reach a large and specific audience in Pakistan, where many websites offer free or cheap ad posting. You can also improve your website’s SEO by creating backlinks and increasing your online visibility.