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Ice box air cooler

A portable, personal air cooler that dehumidifies and cools your area! The key is Hydro-Chill Technology, which assists in converting hot air into cool, pleasant air by using evaporative cooling.
Pour water into the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy—it’s easy to set up and use. You can direct the chilled air in whichever direction you like with the multidirectional air vents on  Air Pure Chill. Wherever you use it, its stylish, little design looks well on a desk, nightstand, or coffee table!
Use it in reading nooks, garages, dorm rooms, campers, offices at home and at work, and more! It’s also practical for vacation.

Ice box air coolers, sometimes referred to as evaporative coolers, are transportable cooling systems that use evaporation to naturally reduce outside air’s temperature.  Icebox air coolers are eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional air conditioners, that rely on complex technology and refrigerants. They function by drawing warm air through pads saturated with water, evaporatively cooling it, and then recirculating the cooled air back into the surrounding air.

The basic yet efficient principle of evaporation powers ice box air conditioners. The water evaporatively absorbs heat from the air and lowers the temperature of the cooling pads when hot, dry air flows across them. Then a chilly, humid air is blasted into the space, creating a nice wind. Because of this mechanism, ice box air coolers are perfect for dry and arid locations as they replicate the cooling effects of a sea breeze.

Because they provide multiple benefits over conventional air conditioners, ice box air coolers are a top choice for many customers.

Energy Efficiency:

Compared to air conditioners, ice box air coolers use less energy, which lowers electricity costs and has a smaller environmental effect.


You can easily move most ice box air coolers from room to room or take them on outdoor trips because they are lightweight and portable.

Environmentally Friendly:

Icebox air coolers are an eco-friendly cooling solution because they don’t produce greenhouse gases or use refrigerants.

Humidity Control:

Icebox air coolers add moisture to the air, which makes them perfect for dry climates or places with low humidity levels, in contrast to air conditioners, which tend to dry out the air.

Personal Air Cooler:

This air cooler helps transform hot, dry air into cold, revitalizing air so you may enjoy cool air wherever you are.

Silent and portable:

This air cooler is ideal for use overnight for a restful sleep because of its whisper-quiet fan and calming night light.

Effective Cooling:

With the use of hydro chill technology, hot air is instantaneously transformed into cool, revitalizing air by passing through an evaporative air cooling filter; You can adjust the multidirectional air vent to guide air in the desired direction.

Simple to Utilize:

Pour water into the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy cool air anywhere you need it. It’s that easy to set up and use. The modern, little form looks good on a coffee table, nightstand, or workstation.

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Brand Arctic Air
Mounting Type Freestanding
Special Feature Manual
Color White
Controls Type Remote
Reservoir Capacity 2.5 Liters
Model Name Arctic Air Pure
Included Components Unit, Power Supply, Filter,
Noise Level 55 dB
Number of Speeds 3

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