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Dawnlance Refrigerators

The refrigerator without explanation is one of the most widely used and needed appliances in homes of the contemporary world. It cools the food we eat, protects our groceries, and ensures there are always drinks and other perishable items in the refrigerator at the right temperature. When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, two key factors often come into play: energy efficiency and style come into the picture. Dawnlance Refrigerators in particular perform well in both aspects of the typical refrigerator which makes it preferable for every home.

Minimizing energy consumption is another important aspect one needs to consider while making a purchase of a refrigerator. It does not only act as savings on your electricity bills but also has a role to play in managing your carbon footprint. Dawnlance Refrigerators also employ the latest technology which makes them economical on power yet provide maximum cold. Dawnlance Refrigerators incorporate the latest technology whereby they use little energy yet offer the best cold.

Lower Energy Bills:

Thus, an energy-efficient refrigerator consumes lesser electricity and hence the monthly bills are going to be less. In the long run, this can save a considerable amount of money.

Environmental Impact:

This is because by saving energy you are also saving Greenhouse gases by lowering their emission levels in the atmosphere. Sometimes, these contribute only a small incremental improvement towards a greater good, and this is such a case with regards to making the world a ‘greener’ place.

Longer Lifespan:

Widespread application of energy efficiency standards in the appliances is very likely to have more sophisticated options that in turn have less effect on the degradation of the product during use and hence are more durable.

Dawnlance Refrigerators incorporate several innovative features to enhance energy efficiency:

Inverter Technology:

This feature enables a refrigerator to control the cooling system’s capacity according to the amount of content inside it to achieve effective energy usage.

LED Lighting:

LED lights are said to require less energy and produce less heat as compared to normal bulbs eliminating potential energy wastage.

Eco Mode:

This mode can improve the refrigerator’s efficiency during these times without using any electricity, making the energy consumption even lower.

Holding an exquisite taste: fashionable ideas for kitchen decoration

Besides efficiency, the aesthetic appearance of many fridges is also important to many homeowners. Dawnlance Refrigerators are available in several stylish models that will match most homes’ interior design styles. From the shiny and clean look to the retro look, you will find a Dawlance refrigerator that will capture your choice.

Refrigerators are designed with the following features in a Dawnlance refrigerator model:

Sleek Finishes:

Today, the company has extended the choice of the finish that delights gourmets: from classic stainless steel to a more strict matte black.

Innovative Layouts:

There are choices of Framed doors, side-by-side doors, and bottom freezer designs, the Dawnlance Refrigerators are stylish and serve their purpose well.

Smart Features:

You can easily find models with hi-tech features like a touch control panel, Wi-Fi connectivity, and optimal temperature control.

Dawnlance realizes that every family is different and thus its now providing shelves and storage that could be adapted to all. Some of the key features include; The flexibility in the number of shelves, presence of multiple compartments and sections as well as the compliance to different zones make refrigerator suitable to suit the lifestyle of their owners.

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, here are some top Dawnlance models that combine energy.

Efficiency and Style:

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, here are some top Dawnlance models that combine energy efficiency and style:

Dawnlance EcoCool 500:

This particular model employs inverter technology, has a larger-capacity compartment, and is constructed with stainless steel.

Dawnlance SmartChill 700:

Smart connectivity, AD airflow fans, and Let’sCook zones could be the best features for tech-savvy homeowners and chefs.

Dawnlance FrostFree 300:

Determining entirely for the smaller size of a kitchen, this is the most effective model that qualifies high energy conserving factor and the modern touch.

Product specifications for Dawlance 9175 WB 12 Cu ft – LVS Refrigerator. It is a genuine balance refrigerator that starts at low voltage, has a reasonable price, and does not require a stabilizer. And it has a fantastic interior that meets your needs.

Many people tire of having to service their refrigerators every few months. This low voltage begins refrigerating with brief, smooth operation, even during power functions. It can function properly at as low as 135 volts, saving you the cost of purchasing a stabilizer and frequent repairs.

Model Price
9191WB Chrome Hairline Black Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 99,999.00
9173WB Avante+ Emerald Green Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 104,500.00
9173WB Chrome Pearl Copper Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 89,999.00
9178LF Chrome Pearl Copper Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 96,000.00
9169WB Chrome Pearl Copper Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 90,600.00

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Brand Dawlance
Model 9175 WB

Connection Power

Defrosting Temperature control thermostat
Door(s) rechargeable 2 Doors


Colors Silver, Crystal Grey And Stone Grey


Dimensions (WxHxD) 24x62x26
Weight 54 kg
Volume 350 ltr.


Voltage 135v (low voltage start)
Energy saver 35% per month


Warranty 12-year compressor warranty.

Dawnlance Refrigerators are energy-efficient home appliances that not only possess efficiency standards but also classy looks. Purchasing a Dawnlance Refrigerator also means making your kitchen look better and becoming a part of creating the world better for the future. If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, talk to us about the full Dawnlance Refrigerator line so that you can get the right equipment for your kitchen.