Ad Posting Tips On New Day Ad

Are your Ads / listings slower on responding longer than you anticipated? Follow Ad Posting Tips Guidelines!

User’s want their product / service sold as quickly as possible, so make sure you’re marketing tactics are moving these properties as efficiently as possible (ad posting tips below). It’s always frustrating when you can’t match the right buyer with the right seller, and with these five tips, you can better connect with the right buyer and ultimately sell your listings faster!

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Post Quality Pictures

Proper quality pictures / photos were ranked the number one most valuable attribute of online classified advertising listings. Be sure to always use bright, crisp and professional looking photos that highlight unique features of a product or service. 

Spice up your descriptions

During the buying process consumers will search through the same listings over and over again in hopes that they will stumble across the perfect product / service. Don’t let your listings go stale – switch up your photos, highlight different features and note price reductions because even the smallest change could mean a world of a difference to someone eager to buy from you. When you lower the price, the then chances of selling are more in through compare factor, which will also draw the  buyers eye no matter what sort criteria your listing appears in.

Respond Instantly

We live in a world where consumers seek answers to their questions immediately. Once a buyer takes the initiative to contact an advertiser, that advertiser is on the clock. Typically, a buyer who does not hear back from an seller immediately will move onto the next ad on their list, which in some cases, is your closest competitor..

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Messages & Emails

Sometimes buyer don’t contact seller via calls and use other mediums like emails and text messages, as seller you should be getting back on immediate basis, even if it’s just to say hello and to setup a future time to chat. Fulfilling an immediate need shows you are available and easily accessible to the buyer. Remember this approach for each and every lead you receive and use technology solutions like  to stay organized, manage your leads, web site, email campaigns, update listings, social sites and more.

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Right Angle for Photos

Always post your pictures shoot on wide angle (rectangle) rather than using vertical image. 

Post your classified ads thumbnail covering at least 80% of your product or service

By using vertical angle, you actually waste the potential focus of your listing image and include irrelevant / unnecessary details / objects into it and kill your catch point. 

New Day Ad Recommended image size to (900×500)px

Image maximum size 16 MB.

Allowed image type (png, jpg, jpegm webp).

You can upload up to 10 images.